Want the Lake

Spanning two decades, Want the Lake is an expansive dreamscape made of—and wrecked by—language, mother’s milk, purple jacaranda, queer longing, snowy fields, and the rich stuff of domesticity and fable. these astonishing poems do more than sail across—they wade in, alight-upon, leave and return, grieve and plumb and birth and build their “nests of shame” and then become the lake itself: Desire.

Unraveling at the Name

Unraveling at the Name

Optimistic, searching, and unforgiving, Unraveling at the Name is a book of poems arranged around a central narrative of shifting identities. This startling debut packages eros, motherhood, divorce, and a lesbian choice into a first book that knows that the narrative of transformation ultimately transcends the specific circumstances of the journey.

Winner of the 2001 Hayden Carruth Award
Finalist, Lambda Literary Award

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